Musings on Patriotism and Idolatry

I have been struggling lately with rampant nationalism in the church. Maybe it's just me, but I feel more than a little nauseous when I see images of the United States flag draped over the cross, and patriotic worship services make me want to pull my hair out. I am convinced that the devil should … Continue reading Musings on Patriotism and Idolatry


A Reflection for Good Friday

This. Exactly this.

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Jesus was a carpenter, if a same sex couple asked him to make them a table he would have built it and it would have been as good as any table he had ever built, and then, when it was finished and sitting in their home, he would have sat with them and had dinner on it…..

but before they ate he would have probably washed their feet.

I believe this because of the way Jesus treated those the religious people excluded, because of the way he defended and befriended the ones the religious people called sinners, because of the way he chastised religious people for the way they misconstrued God’s way of thinking and because of the way he was always pointing out that the very people the religious people were railing against were a better example of God’s love than they were – more likely to enter the kingdom…

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