Balsamic Chicken & Kale Pita “Pizza” (THM FP)

I've missed you! I have been busy eating garbage food since Thanksgiving (just being honest here) and so I had no new recipes to share with you. I decided to get my act together for the new year, so I started a THM Fuel Cycle. It's just a more pure version of the THM eating… Continue reading Balsamic Chicken & Kale Pita “Pizza” (THM FP)

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Gratitude Sunday

It's Sunday, again, and I have things I am grateful for! Please share your grats with me, I love reading them! This week I am grateful for: Novels. I have been reading like crazy since summer hit and I have enjoyed some really great books. Air conditioning! I live in Vegas, it's crazy hot! For… Continue reading Gratitude Sunday