Disney’s Moana and Restoring the Divine Feminine

Have you seen Disney's Moana? It's the story of a strong young woman (who will one day be the chief of her people!) who sets out on a journey to restore balance to the world by returning the stolen heart of the goddess Te Fiti. Not only is this the story of a vibrant female … Continue reading Disney’s Moana and Restoring the Divine Feminine


Gratitude Sunday – 4/4/10

It's Easter Sunday. My Savior lives and he made a way for me. Today, I am beyond thankful for that. I don't need to add anything else to my list. I am overwhelmed by the gift of God's grace. My heart is full, my cup runneth over.

It Happens

It's Holy Week.  It would have been easy for me to miss it this year. I still have boxes to unpack, homework assignments due, three kids to teach and raise, a husband to love and cherish, a house that needs cleaning, dishes that need washing, and a stressful three-round trip to the DMV.  Need I … Continue reading It Happens