Balsamic Chicken & Kale Pita “Pizza” (THM FP)

I've missed you! I have been busy eating garbage food since Thanksgiving (just being honest here) and so I had no new recipes to share with you. I decided to get my act together for the new year, so I started a THM Fuel Cycle. It's just a more pure version of the THM eating… Continue reading Balsamic Chicken & Kale Pita “Pizza” (THM FP)


Catching my breath (with the help of chocolate)

The last week has been pretty insanely busy for me...not because I wanted it to be, simply because I couldn't avoid it.  The days have been full of family visits, cleaning, errands, parties, and work.  I feel like I haven't been able to catch my breath for a long time.  I am really looking forward… Continue reading Catching my breath (with the help of chocolate)