Gratitude Sunday

Sunday ButtonI am grateful for so many things today, it would be difficult to list them all in a single post. Life has been (mostly) on the upswing over the last 4-5 months. Finding a church home has been a major contributor to my overall happiness and contentment. I was drifting spiritually, and it was affecting so many things in my life in negative ways. Church is important if you are a person of faith…don’t ever kid yourself that it’s not.

Anyway, here is my list today, and it’s rather long. Some things silly, some serious, all LEGIT. 😉

1. A full time job with benefits. Last month my hubby was asked to go full time again at his old job. This past week was the first full paycheck. We have all the benefits already. I feel like a 5 ton weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It’s been 3+ years.

2. A refrigerator full of food. As much as I hate cleaning the refrigerator, I am beyond grateful this week that it is bursting at the seams with delicious and nutritious food. It’s been a really long time since I have seen that.

3. Doctor Who. This season and the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) are AMAZING! I am thrilled each and every week.

4. Nature study. I have time in my schedule to do this again. I am so happy because I missed it more than I realized.

5. Food. Aside from the full fridge grat in #2 there, I mean the enjoyment of food. This last year has been an wonderful ride with THM and learning about healthy eating. I have quite a few new obsessions. Just today, I discoverd THREE: a pumpkin protein smoothie, Greek yogurt with natural peanut butter (a revelation!!), and the “Shrinker” (it’s a drink that is similar to a chai tea, and I can have it a couple times a day!). THM has made me enjoy cooking again, because I get to experiment and try so many new things.

6. Faith. Lots of good things are shaking up inside me. I feel solidly on the path that God wants me on. I can feel the growth, because it’s hard. I can feel the changes, because they make me stretch in uncomfortable ways. I love it!

7. Leadership Academy of Nevada. This new charter school is definitely a blessing in our lives this year!!

8. Running. I hit the streets again last week. I am so happy I did. I’ve missed it.

9. It’s almost October. Summer in Vegas is almost at an end. Hallelujah! I am ready for hiking, sweaters, soups, and the holidays. WOO HOO!

10. Swimming in September. Yeah, I am excited for fall, but until it arrives, my pool is still 84 degrees and I have been enjoying these last days floating in it.


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