Can’t we just, like, buy a new refrigerator?

RefrigeratorIt’s not like any household chores top my list of fun things to do, you know? But some chores are a little better than others. I don’t mind folding 42,000 loads of laundry because it gives me a chance to binge watch Netlifx, guilt-free. I also don’t mind dishes; I find dish washing to be rather meditative and satisfying, and I often take that time to pray for people.

Mopping, on the other hand, is a chore I detest. There is no amount of pretending you are Ginger Rogers and cutting a rug with Fred Astaire that makes that chore fun for me. Yet, I still like a clean floor, scented with essential oils, so I get it done.

In my humble opinion, the WORST chore in my entire house is cleaning the refrigerator. I seriously dread doing this. I know I should do it once a month, but I will be honest…that does not always happen. I open it up, mentally ignore spills and crumbs and go happily about my business. I am good about cleaning so many things in a timely manner, but the fridge? Not so much.

For one thing, it’s a freaking pain in the a$$. I hate pulling out drawers and shelves that don’t really fit in the sink, then rinsing, wiping, and trying not to gag over things that could be cultured in a petri dish for science. UGH. Not to mention the wiping of shelves that don’t come out and moving all the stuff around so you can keep it chilled while you work. I repeat: P.I.T.A.

I mean I try to do it when it’s mostly empty, but still, there is always something in there – a jar of jam super-glued with sugary sweetness in the door compartment. That Greek yogurt that spilled in the way back and is crusty and possibly growing a deadly disease, or a natural antibiotic.  Leftovers from the prehistoric era, so old you just toss the container rather than try to save them. There is always something weird & toxic in that slanted space beneath the bottom drawer, too. *shivers*

Seriously. Can’t we just, like, buy a new refrigerator?


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