September Health Challenge


I found that photo yesterday and decided to share it on instagram. However, even before finding the pic, I had decided to make a strong push to finish out 2014 in the healthiest way possible. I want to try to finally reach my goal weight and be closer to where I want to be physically. I started my weight loss journey two years ago, and while I made tremendous progress, the truth is that most of that happened early on. Since the end of 2012, I have been pretty much stuck. The scale has read the same infuriating number month after agonizing month. I focused on running and completed a half marathon (WOO HOO!!), but in terms of shaping my body, I felt literally stalled. I know that I should have been lifting more, and my eating has not been 100% clean, but damn, it’s been at least 85-90% clean. It’s been frustrating to say the least.

I am determined to start 2015 looking and feeling my best. Today really appeals to the OCD side – it starts my favorite month, it’s a Monday, and gives me four months to break a couple habits…or start new ones. So, for the next four months, I plan to eat clean and work out 6x per week, taking Sundays off – three days of lifting and three days of running/cardio each week. At least for September. I do hope I get Piyo for my birthday, so I plan to add that in when I finally get my hands on it. Anyway, I digress. Those are the overall goals for each month…clean eating and working out. I also plan to tackle a new thing each month.

For September, it’s drinking more water.

I know I don’t drink enough water. I like my coffee (and I like tea), but water? Not so much. I am challenging myself to drink 8 glasses (or 64 ounces) per day. If it takes a month to form a new habit, or nearly so, I should be a water drinking machine by the time September is over. I am at 30 ounces today, so I have some work to do before bed time.

As for workouts, I plan to run on T/Th/Sa, and lift on M/W/F. Today I did upper body and abs. Wednesday will be lower body and abs. Fridays will be a full body HIIT workout.

I am doing the following workouts (plus running), which I found on Pinterest. I am ok with repetition and these kick my butt, so I feel like they are good for this month.

Upper Body Workout

Upper Body – Repeat 2x to begin, and 3x by the end of the month.


Abs – Repeat 2x

Legs and Butt

Lower Body – 1x to begin (it’s murder) and shoot for 2x by the end of the month.

7 Minute HIIT

7 Minute HIIT Workout – 2x. Each exercise is done for 30-45 seconds.

I will update periodically with my progress, but I am certainly not turning my blog into a fitness journal. If you want to track my food and fitness progress, find me on My Fitness Pal: BeckyBoop78. I am also in Runkeeper and Gipis as Becky Johnson.

Here goes nothing! 🙂


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