Fourth Grade History Plans

Alas! I do still have one child homeschooling this year. Zoey has proclaimed that she never wants to go to regular school and I am happy to oblige her. 🙂

I have been making plans and schedules for her, and ordering supplies and hitting used curriculum sales. I was finally able to get my hands on all the volumes of Story of the World AND all of the activity books. My plan, as she is in 4th grade, is to cover two of the books each year, so that by the time she ends 5th grade, she will have covered all four volumes. It’s pretty ambitious, but we have cut our activities back and I only have her to focus on, which means if I am organized, we can get a lot accomplished.

I love using Pinterest in conjunction with Microsoft Excel for planning my lessons. I can write everything out (Excel) and have a visual guide with all the books and ideas I plan to incorporate. Since we have done ancient world stuff before, I am not concerned about rushing her. I am considering our first semester to begin on Monday and end at Christmas break…that will be 16 weeks and 77 days of school. I think I have chosen a lot of great books and fun projects. I want to keep her busy and also makes sure we have a fun, hands-on kind of year. She really learns best with hands-on projects and lots of visuals.

Here is the pinterest board I created for SOTW Volume 1:
SOTW 1 Pinterest Board


And here is the document I created to break it down week-by-week. I considered hyperlinking each book to my library for easier access, but decided I don’t want to spend that much time prepping right now. I have an alert in my phone to request library books for the following week every Sunday.

SOTW Volume 1 Semester Plan, Week-by-Week

Hopefully I will have my science plans uploaded tomorrow, followed by composer, artist, and poetry on Monday. WOO HOO! 🙂


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