Gratitude Sunday


It’s Sunday, and I find myself counting my blessings from the past week. Life has been busy, but good, especially on the spiritual side of things.

I would like to encourage you, no matter what you believe, to spend a little time focusing on something greater than yourself each day, even if you only have five minutes. Whether you believe in divinity, or the wonder and majesty of the natural world and universe…a moment of awe is good for the soul. 🙂

In no particular order, these are things I feel grateful for today:

1. A great, perfect, awe-inspiring creator. Who loves and pursues me relentlessly.

2. Words from my own holy book, The Bible, and the freedom to read and study at my leisure. Not everyone has that freedom, and my heart is with people of all faiths who are denied the right to practice their religion.

3. Cheese. I feel this needs no explanation. Because, duh. And also the the cows who provide the cheese. Amen.

4. Sugar-free Hershey’s syrup. It’s hotter than the devil’s armpit in Vegas right now and I love that I can have a Trim, Healthy Mama approved iced mocha every day, guilt-free.

5. Right priorities. I have had my priorities out of whack lately, and things are lining up nicely again.

6. Back-to-school sales. School supplies make me happy…the sight, the smell, and the deals!

7. Love. The perfect kind that is kind, patient, and not self-seeking.

8. Chili in the crock pot for dinner tonight. A little hard work this morning before church will mean a relaxing day AND a good meal.

9. My family. I just love them…a lot. 😉

10. Netflix. Just saying.

I love reading what you are grateful for, here on the blog and on Facebook. Share your grats, and share this post do others can share theirs, too. Let’s all develop a heart of gratitude.


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