Gratitude Sunday

Sunday ButtonIt’s Sunday, again, and I have things I am grateful for! Please share your grats with me, I love reading them! This week I am grateful for:

  1. Novels. I have been reading like crazy since summer hit and I have enjoyed some really great books.
  2. Air conditioning! I live in Vegas, it’s crazy hot! For the past four summers, I had no a/c in our minivan. It was hell, almost literally. We finally have a newer vehicle with a/c this summer, and it makes life in the desert manageable again. I used to cry when I had to leave my house at all on really scorching days.
  3. Chicago-style pizza. Totally happened this past week and I regret nothing! *burp*
  4. Cupcake ATM machines. This was a first for me, but oh-so-delicioso.
  5. Board games. We acquired THREE new Simply Fun games in the last few weeks and we have been loving playing all of them! We expecially love “Get 4 and Score.”

I could list more things, but those are topping my list this week. What are you grateful for?


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