Gratitude Sunday

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I am dusting off this old blog meme and bringing it back to life. I used to do ‘Gratitude Sunday’ posts on a regular basis and I have missed it. I encourage you to join me, whether in comments here on the blog, on Facebook, or in posts of your own. I might even start using a linking software to link all of the posts up each week!

Yesterday was a ginormous, stinking pile of poo for me. I hated yesterday. I was so tired from not sleeping, I was feeling sad, and the day just felt as if it were conspiring against me. Needless to say, I was kind of a wreck. It ended on a happier note, but I (literally) fell into bed last night praying that today would be better, and it was!

Today, I am grateful for the following:

1. Church. Almost two months ago, we decided to try Shadow Hills Church, and we totally fell in love with it. Today, we became official members and the kids are making plans to be baptized before summer is over. They really love their teachers and the regular service, and having kids who enjoy church is a huge, big deal.

2. My swimming pool. Seriously, having a pool in Las Vegas during the hot, hot summer is a total blessing. It was part of the reason I turned my bad day around yesterday.

3. Friends and funny movies. Mean Girls and Pitch Perfect can make anybody laugh!

4. Iced coffee. I am back to cold-brewing my coffee and enjoying a huge, luscious, THM-friendly iced mocha each morning. Recipe coming this week!

5. Choir. Ok, so this one is related to our new church, but sitting in the choir this week reminded me of how important music really is to me. I have missed reading music, being a part of a group of singers, and performing. It felt so much like coming home. So, if you happen to go to Shadow Hills, you will see me up there next week!

So, what are you thankful for this week? Share and let me know!

I know some of you may be having a hard time and going through some serious struggles. It’s ok to keep a gratitude list down to the basics. If you need prayer, message me and I will pray for you…I really mean it! I have a prayer notebook with prayer requests in it and it would be my pleasure to lift your requests up in prayer. ❤


One thought on “Gratitude Sunday

  1. says:

    So glad you are feeling better and also that you have found a great church. I am certainly blessed to be in a great church – it has uplifted me so much AND I have made wonderful friends there. We do a lot of things together, fun things as well as useful things. The people are so supportive – and are there for you if/when you have an illness, crisis, etc. And, it sounds like your new one is a great family church! Your children can grow up in it.

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