Road Tripping!

The kids and I took a trip down to Arizona last weekend to celebrate my niece Jordan’s graduation (with honors!!) from ASU, and also for Mother’s Day.  We had a great time with family, snuggling a new baby, and celebrating life. On Friday we met the newest member of the family, Eva, who is my brother’s Josh’s baby girl.  So precious!


Sydni is getting baby cousin snuggles.



Zoey got to have snuggles and feeding time, too!


Isn't she precious?  *squee*

Isn’t she precious? *squee*

On Saturday we celebrated the graduates!

My niece Jordan and her boyfriend Jared.  Congratulations!

My niece Jordan and her boyfriends Jared. Congratulations!



The awesome cake! Go Sun Devils!

Finally, on Sunday we had a Mother’s day lunch at my sister Char’s house, with some yummy lasagna and chocolate cake.  SO GOOD!  Most of the family made it over.  🙂

Poolside dining with the family...good times!

Poolside dining with the family…good times!

It was a good trip and I hope we can make it down again and stay a little longer.  Hopefully in July!


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