Here We Go Again – Musings from Training Day 1

Remember a few weeks back when I finished my first half marathon and was on top of the world? I sort of had an emotional letdown after all the hype/preparing for that run, and I have run a grand total of FOUR times in the six weeks that have followed. I decided I am definitely running the E.T. Full Moon Midnight Half in August, so I started officially training today. My training plan starts in what is called the “build up” phase, which means a couple weeks of slow and easy before beginning speed workouts and long runs. It went something like this:

Dude, I am really feeling my laziness right now. This is going to suck.

I hate these pants. They keep falling down. Should I go back home and change? I am never wearing these pants again.

Five minutes? That’s it? It feels like five miles.

I hate running. Why the heck am I even doing this? Who *likes* this? Seriously…WHO?

Dude, it’s so hot! Why did I wait until afternoon? I am an idiot.

Woo hoo! 25 minutes down, 20 minutes to go. I am starting to feel better!

Did he seriously just honk at me? I love these Nike pants! My butt totally looks great, so who cares if they fall down?

Yeah, three miles done…I think I am getting my second wind!

Ok, only 10 minutes to go.

You just did a HALF FREAKING MARATHON that lasted more than two hours a mere six weeks ago. Now you can barely finish 45 minutes. Sad.

Oooh! Florence! I love running to this song.

I should do the big hill at the end…hills are speed work in disguise, right?

What the $%*# was I thinking to end with that hill. I am going to die.

Whew! DONE! That wasn’t so bad. I have hardly run in weeks, so duh.


ET Half Day 1


After stretching and a shower:

I feel amazing! Why did I wait so long to get back out there? I love running! I am going to kill that half marathon! I am totally running tomorrow, too.  YEAH BUDDY!

It’s possible that I am suffering from a mental disorder. Don’t say it.

What I do know is that I felt great after my run and I really am looking forward to an amazing midnight run, in the desert, under a full moon…possibly with aliens. How could anyone not be excited for that??


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