Being Anna in an Elsa-obsessed World


Have you seen Disney’s latest smash hit, Frozen? Most everyone has by now, and even if you haven’t seen the film, you must have seen at least one version (or parody) of the Oscar-winning song, “Let it Go.” Am I right? I am pretty sick of that song now, so you will be spared having a video embedded in this post. You’re welcome.

It seems the world is completely enamored (borderline obsessed) with Elsa. I get it. Elsa is the queen, she’s beautiful, possesses an amazing gift, does everything with serious flare, and gets the musical number of the year. Her hair and gown are gorgeous, and she builds a castle out of snow and ice. Plus, she overcomes a lot of baggage from her childhood in order to really become who she is, and really embrace her gift. It’s a compelling story…kind of amazing, actually. Who doesn’t love, and want to be, Elsa? Everyone does.

And as wonderful as Elsa is, I can’t help but wonder why no one is as enamored with Anna. Ok, so she is kind of neurotic. She is needy (Hey, she has childhood baggage, too!) and she often says and does the wrong things when she is trying to make a human connection. She imperfect and lacking the sort of grace that Elsa effortlessly exudes.

But, she is also fearless. She is funny and quirky. Anna is hurt by her sister’s gift in so many ways (and nearly loses her life because of it, twice) and she is still determined to find Elsa and help her in any way she can, in the cold (and alone) because she loves her. Anna stops her ex-fiance from murdering her sister, even though it means she won’t be able to save herself.

There is a lot to love about Anna, so it bums me out that no one loves her like they love Elsa.

And I can’t help but identify with her a little bit. I have always felt like the sister who was a burden, an annoyance, and the one who can’t quite seem to get anything right (even with the best of intentions). I reach out, but somehow it goes all wrong, and I end up worse off than before. I know what it’s like to stand in the shadows and wonder just what it is I’ve done to be ignored so thoroughly.

Thankfully, like Anna, I found love and purpose in other relationships; my own little family, with my husband and kids, and some amazing friendships. I found an opportunity to shine as myself, while loving other people and having them love me back. Anna does, too, when she meets Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf. She is a lucky girl, after all. And while Elsa finally comes around and realizes she needs her sister, Anna was already making her own family, even as she held onto the hope that Elsa would eventually love her back. Go get ’em, girl!

I don’t have any answers to solving family dysfunction, or understanding weird dynamics with siblings, but I do know this: Anna was worthy of real love, and so are we. We all have different gifts, and different ways to shine, but we all add our own kind of light and love to the world. Keep trying, keep reaching out, and keep offering your love. Be fearless, like Anna. Somewhere, someone will love you back, and that makes everything worth it. Love is all there is and it comes in so many surprising packages.


One thought on “Being Anna in an Elsa-obsessed World

  1. Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy says:

    I feel the same way! I loved Anna right away – she is real and flawed, more relate-able to me. Plus, she is spunky and funny. : ) Elsa was more the secondary character, one that you care about of course, but because she is so important in Anna’s world. I hadn’t thought about the public being Elsa-obsessed but you’re right! I suppose because she is “The Snow Queen”. And I absolutely loved “Let it Go” the first few times I heard it but my 5-year-old daughter listened to it roughly 500 times so I need a break. 😉

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