Feeling Helpless

Today, I feel a little sad.

I try to keep this blog mostly upbeat, and the truth is, I am mostly happy. But today I had a hard time with a writing class I teach, and it made me feel helpless and sad.

My students go to a school in an impoverished area. Most of them don’t speak English as their first language. They have amazing teachers who are working SO HARD to provide these kids not only a great education, but guidance, and even extra meals.  It’s a huge job, and they work tirelessly at making the most of it.

But some of these kids (too may of them) clearly come from homes with no boundaries. They are exposed to things WAY above their maturity levels, things that are wildly inappropriate, and it shows. And what is even worse, is you can tell that the kids who come from homes where the parents are working hard to make a difference, to provide a decent home and education for their kids, are being heavily influenced by the other kids.

I wish I was wiser and knew a way to reach all of them and make a difference, but I am not there enough, and even if I was, I am not sure I could do anything. If someone with more wisdom than me knows a way to reach down and make an impact, I am all ears. Today I just want to cry at so much wasted potential. These kids are smart, creative, and talented, but they just don’t believe it. :*(


4 thoughts on “Feeling Helpless

  1. Petra says:

    I have learned that we cannot save them all, some arent ready to listen. But what you can do is give them all the best words you can. It will stick for those who choose to listen. You may never see what those words do for each one of them, but be assured they will have an effect.
    My mother works in public schools as a sub & an aide & has for 20 something years. She always tried to help every child around her whether they wanted to listen or not. Over the years she has had many students come back to her (many who seemed to ignore her or seemed like they didnt listen) and tell her she was right. They were glad she tried even if they didnt listen then. Some of the things she encountered were: parents that told their child they would amount to nothing, absent parents, abused children, children with mental disabilities of all levels, so on and so forth.
    Sometimes understanding can come right away, other times it takes a lifetime. Just keep giving them the wisdom you can. It only takes one time to make a difference.

    Strange the subject of wisdom would come up. I am going to start a post soon asking everyone to give me their words of wisdom that I will put together in a book for a soon to be new young mom. 😀


  2. Linda says:

    I can see why you feel sad, and the fact that you feel sad shows that you care! Sometimes it takes a while to get through, but if you continue on the way you have been, I am certain you will eventually get through to them. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  3. MyTruthMyClarity says:

    As a fellow educator, I have learned NOT to be so invested in the results of my work. I invest my time and effort into the process (day to day functions) of educating my students. I recognize I may never see the results of my hard work and that is okay. However, every day is a new day. Don’t take it personal. Walk into your classroom, be firm, be fair and continue to give nothing less than your best. As your relationship with your students develops, you will be randomly greeted with successful moments. Embrace these times and know that you are impacting your students in the greater scheme of things. Teach on purpose! :0)

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