Zion or bust!

Last summer, I got the brilliant idea to sign up for a half marathon.  Never mind that I had barely finished a “fun” 5k in February of that year.  Forget the fact that I had spent many weeks in the spring AND summer injured, and that my top mileage was four (YES, FOUR) miles.  Psh!  I could TOTALLY tackle a half marathon, right?

So, I looked around and decided that the Zion Half Marathon was the way to go.  I signed up and then had a moment of panic…I really panicked when I realized that all 13.1 miles would be UPHILL.  I guess I should have researched my first half a little better, but I figured I had plenty of time and everything would work out.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  

Things have been a little crazy this fall and winter and I didn’t end up training as faithfully as I had hoped, but I have been training.  I reached 9+ miles a couple of weeks ago, which was pretty thrilling for me, I have to say.

My knee has been hurting a little, so I finally broke down and got some decent running shoes (Brooks Adrenaline).  I lurve them.

But I am nervous that I haven’t done enough.  Is 9.25 miles enough to push through for another 4?  I don’t have any more long runs in my training plan, and this marathon is less than three weeks away.  Do I trust the plan and go for it?  What do I do for fueling?  I honestly have no idea.  I tried a Hammer Nutrition ‘goo’ thing while I was out on my last long run and I almost gagged, but it did give me a nice boost of energy.

All I do know is that this is happening:

Zion Facebook

It’s like…really happening.

Shuttle Reservation Zion

Not only is this happening, but we’re camping that weekend while we are up there.  So I am nervous about other things, too.  You know, silly little things like a good night’s sleep, freezing to death, and getting a hot shower when I am done.

I just hope I can finish.


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