15 Years


Today is my 15th wedding anniversary.  When I sit and really think about that, it feels like an accomplishment.  For fifteen years we have managed to stay married, and not just stay married, but we’ve been happy for the majority of those years.  Some years are harder than others.

I don’t have any sage advice or marriage wisdom.  In all honesty, most of it feels like dumb luck.  I met and married a pretty decent guy.  He met and married a pretty decent girl.  We are (mostly) kind and loving to each other.  Through thick and thin, we have pulled together pretty well, and we are raising three great kids.

There has been more than one time when I wanted to walk away from it all.  There has been more than one time when he has, too.  Fortunately, neither of us has wanted to call it quits at the same time. When I considered leaving, I came to realize there is not a dream I have for my future that he is not a part of. Being without him would be losing half of myself.

He makes me laugh, he makes me coffee, and some days he makes me crazy. He’s my best friend and primary confidante. He’s my lover and the father of my kids. He’s complicated and a big dreamer…but I am still sold on his big dreams.

Today I am celebrating not only our longevity, but a season of renewal – we have made it out of another pretty tough period.  We’re stronger, we’re more committed, and we’re more in love than ever.  I am feeling a closeness with him that I haven’t felt in four years.  I can definitely say that today, we’re solid, and that feels good.

All marriages go through seasons.  Some last longer than others…for some people the seasons are mild, and for some they are severe.  I am going to enjoy this spring and summer while they last, because fall and winter will inevitably come.  All I can do is prepare for them and hold on to the memories of better times until we come through the other side.

Happy anniversary, Babe.  If I could do it all again, I would.  I can’t think of any higher praise than that.  Here is to the next 15 and beyond.

My Soul Loves


One thought on “15 Years

  1. Margaret Meade says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband… Your comment page would not come up so I had to send you a reply response. I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Have a HAPPY one!


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