Where is my “easy” button?

Do you know how many times in the last few years I’ve wished I had one of these?

Easy Button

I am sure you want one, too.  I am pretty stressed over how busy I have been lately, because my house is trashed and my mom (AND grandma) will be here in under 48 hours.  It’s the kind of trashed where there are no clean sheets on beds, and my girls’ bathroom looks like something out of a horror film, kind of trashed.  No person, let alone my mother and grandmother, should sleep in those beds or shower in that bathroom.

But I have almost 48 hours, so no big deal, right?  Except tomorrow is my anniversary and I have to work in the morning, which means I really have limited myself (though busyness and a good deal crap load of procrastination) to just this evening to get it done.  It’s 5:08 P.M. as I type this, and instead of cleaning right now, I am typing this blog

I believe this makes me the Queen of Procrastination.  This is my epic procrastination face:

photo (6)

So, people of Staples, you need to get on that “easy button” thing FOR REAL.  I need one.  I need one RIGHT NOW…and from where I am sitting, there are no “easy” buttons in sight.  Hmm.  I guess I better grab my cleaning bucket and get down to it then.  Bummer.


2 thoughts on “Where is my “easy” button?

  1. Diana says:

    I’m quite sure I hold that crown, but tell you what, I’ll let you hold it I need to be done with it LOL.
    Enjoy your anniversary, and your company.

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