New Fur Baby!

My hubby is turning FORTY on the 24th of this month (old man!) and he mentioned, more than a few times, that he would like a new dog.  Not just any dog, but a dog that would love him the most and kiss him and pretty much spend every waking and sleeping moment with only him.  Not much to ask for AT ALL, am I right?

So, I have been on the hunt for a dog for a few weeks.  Initially, I was going to try and get another Basenji.  You see, we have this amazing Basenji already that we took in almost four years ago from a family who needed to find him a new home.  Ben is the BEST DOG EVER…but that’s only my opinion.


He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t lick, he never destroys anything, and he has a distinct & awesome personality.  But Ben has bonded mostly with me (and a couple of our kids), and he is not a licky, affectionate dog; so my hubby loves him, but it’s not the man/dog relationship he has been looking for.  As I considered another (probably aloof and really expensive) Basenji, I realized I was not headed in the right direction with the great dog search.

So, I talked to the hubster about what he wanted and we decided to visit a shelter.  We really liked several dogs and three of them were Pitt mixes.  We brought Ben to see if they would get along, and it was not pretty.  The shelter manager actually suggested we get a baby so that Ben would not see the new dog as a threat.

I popped on Craigslist and started looking for puppies.  We found one that had been rescued off the streets and was looking for a forever home.  We set up a meeting for the next day and we fell in love with this adorable little face:

photo (5)

He joined our family practically the same moment we laid eyes on him.  Ben is totally cool with him and Lonnie (my hubby) is head-over-heels in love.  His name is Chewbacca, but we call him Chewy for short.  Chewy sleeps with my husband, gets carried around the house in his jacket or a blanket, and is already spoiled rotten.  We think he is a Pineranian (Miniature Pinscher and Pomeranian), but we are not sure.  He is definitely a min pin. Welcome to your forever home, Chewy, and Happy Birthday, Babe!

photo 1 (1)


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