No Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale edit

There are no fairy tales for me, I’m afraid!  While my married life is (mostly) pretty happy, and we are about to hit a big anniversary, we seem to get to the good places in life in the most convoluted ways.  We didn’t have a wedding, we eloped because of the US Army.  We wanted to wait to have kids, but instead, we had a baby just shy of our first anniversary.  We have moved across country twice for jobs that never panned out, and ended up living with my mother, and then his.  We only really confess to how much we love each other when we get in crisis mode.  We try to make grand gestures, but we usually end up with grand flops.

Maybe you can relate.

If not, let me give you the perfect analogy for our life together:

This past week I ordered my husband’s anniversary presents.  He is terrible with surprises and I like to torment him by letting him know that I have chosen (or have in my possession) his gift.  He goes crazy trying to figure it out and I find that really amusing.  ANYWAY, his gift arrived at our home really early, like two days after I ordered it, and it caught me by surprise.  He was home, which is the one rule I never break!  I like to make sure it arrives when I can safely tuck it away from his prying eyes.  This was bad.

Very bad.

I had planned to wrap his gifts and have them waiting for him on the bed of our hotel room when we checked in.  You know, because I always have plans for the grand gesture and the romantic moment.  I should know better by now.

He could NOT  LEAVE THE BOX ALONE.  He was literally (and yes, I mean literally) driving me bananas about it.  I finally just told him to open it.  He did.  An hour later, when the second box arrived, I just handed it to him and walked out.  I was pretty devastated, I admit.  I really thought, at least this one time, I would be able to pull off the perfect moment.

Instead, I got the usual ‘good intentions, with botched execution’ that seems to be our S.O.P. That is the analogy of our married life.

The reality is, he got fantastic presents that he loves.  This is a win – I get it.  But just once, I would like a little bit of fairy tale…to have a perfect plan execute perfectly.  Can ya feel me?

P.S. – He got a gorgeous box that holds 20 watches (his new obsession) and a new watch to go in it.  Wouldn’t that have been lovely, sitting wrapped on a hotel bed?  Especially since watches are a 15th anniversary gift?  Yeah.  *le sigh*


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