Mardi Gras 10k

I raced my first 10k this weekend and it was pretty exciting! I started running with the “couch to 5k” program in September of 2012 and I did two 5k races last winter before getting injured, so I have been working pretty hard to get to 10k distance.  It helps that I am actually training for the Zion Half Marathon on March 22nd.

Anyway, a friend from my running club invited me to run the Mardi Gras 10k with her and since I knew it was a hilly course (and that I needed some hill work), I said yes!  I am so glad I did.

I donned a mask and some beads and headed out.  The first mile was pretty hilly and tough, but thankfully I was feeling strong.  It was an out-and-back course, which means the last mile was also really hilly, but I managed to finish in 1:05:49 which is a great time for this girl right here!  It was also a perfect, sunny, amazing Las Vegas winter day.

Mardi Gras 10kMy pal Christine (in blue) shared this with me.  We  are finished and feeling good!!  😀


Not only did I have a blast, I am feeling a LOT more confident about being able to finish my first half in just under six weeks!  And just because I am proud (and he is amazing), that guy in the photo is Jeremy Wallace, one of the run coaches of Las Vegas Runners, and he came in around 36:00!  He took first overall (duh) and he will be heading to Boston in just about 10 weeks.  Amazing!


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