Secret to Productivity?

I had a pretty amazing day today.  I am utterly exhausted, but I was so productive that I feel like one bad mamma jamma.

I managed to get some yoga time in before breakfast, do school with my kids, vacuum the downstairs (including the window sills), make two loaves of bread, scrub my kitchen down, wash and fold several loads of laundry, iron all of my skirts that are ready for a spring outing, and make dinner.

Why was this day different than any other?  What’s the big secret, you might ask?

I stayed off the damn interwebs, that’s what.  I checked in briefly as I ate my breakfast and had some coffee, and then I left it alone while making my morning productive.  I checked it again while I ate my lunch, and then I was off again.  I listened to music to help keep me motivated and I kept asking myself what else needed to be done and just DID IT.

Now, I am sure my mother (and certainly my grandmother) would have had an even more productive day because they are both always up at the crack of dawn and not addicted to the computer, but I am sooooo not a morning person and I love my online interactions, so some concessions have to be made.  I also realize it’s no secret that Facebook will suck your life away, but sometimes I forget.  I have to literally take a break and remember that life happens away from my laptop.  Some days I am so busy and on-the-go that I can’t be on Facebook much, and sometimes I am on for (what feels like) an entire day.

Stepping away to gain perspective is a beautiful thing.

I am going to try and keep this ball rolling because there are a bunch of things I want to get done this week, including getting back on track with our schedule.  It feels good!  So while I will be blogging more (I hope), I also want to stop wasting time online.  *ahem* Pinterest & Facebook, I am looking at you.  Or not.  Because duh, you waste too much of my time.


One thought on “Secret to Productivity?

  1. Melissa says:

    Hit the nail on the head with this one Becky. I can be very lia sophia productive while attached to the computer, but kids and house not so much :/

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