Nature Study – Cholla Cacti

I led a nature study on cholla cacti yesterday at Springs Preserve and it ended up being one of my favorite nature studies…ever! There are 35 different species of cholla in the world, and 22 of them are found in North America. We are fortunate that (at least) seven of them can be found in the Springs Preserve garden.

I shared common traits found in most cholla while the kids sketched a buckhorn:


Buckhorn Cholla

Then I let them loose in the gardens for a cholla species hunt. They spent a solid 30-40 minutes looking for different varieties of cholla and writing the names down. I was SO proud! 😀


And they’re off!


Silver Cholla


Teddy Bear Cholla


They found some more!


Blue Diamond Cholla


Whipple Cholla


They were so focused. 🙂


Matted Cholla


My favorite – The Diamond Cholla

I am going to have to find a way to incorporate more scavenger hunts in the future.  It was a great nature study.  I am looking forward to our nature hike in two weeks, and our next study in March!


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