Art Class – Lois Mailou Jones

Lois Mailou Jones

This week in my little art class, we learned about Dr. Lois Mailou Jones and some of her artwork as a tie-in to Black History Month.  Dr. Jones was an amazing artist with a body of work that spans 70 years!  She was an integral part of the Harlem Renaissance.  We had some interesting conversations about her that moved to discussion about racism, segregation, and even interracial marriage.  Then the kids created an inspiration piece for our class.

Our main inspiration from Lois Mailou Jones was Les Fetiches (1938).

Les Fetiches

And the kids project idea came from Art Projects for Kids, of course!  Kathy Barbro is the world’s best art teacher, I swear.  The kids’ finished projects are below; chalk pastels on black art paper.  I gave them complete freedom with color choices, but we did talk about tinting and shading, and most of them took to it to heart.  I have kids in the class who range in age from 8-14 years old.












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