I’ve been neglecting you…

I have been a little neglectful over the last few days. I have been meaning to write…I even have some decent ideas for blog posts! Alas, real life has gotten in the way of me posting anything and that’s ok.

First, I had to finish this for my Moms’ Book Club on Monday night.


I had TWO months to read it, but I decided the weekend before would be enough time to tackle 677 pages of literature. And, you know, attend a Keepers at Home meeting, let my girls have a friend over for a sleepover, go to the library, get groceries, prepare for an art class…just a few things. I finished, but barely. I wrapped it up at 5:50 and walked out the door to our meeting at 6:00. 🙂

Then, I spent all day Tuesday working on this:


We have a special little friend who turned 4 and loves Angry Birds. I love to give homemade gifts and I have been wanting to make one of these anyway and I have a huge stash of yarn to use up; it was win-win.

But as you can see, these were two pretty big projects with tight deadlines. I am looking forward to a slower pace over the next few days, with time for Bible study tonight with my favorite ladies, and hopefully some runs. More on the running tomorrow.



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