Checklist Diva


I don’t know about you, but I am a checklist kind of girl. One might even say I am a “checklist diva.” I can accomplish wonders with a proper checklist in my hand. Without a checklist I am a useless lump of a human being who can barely manage to brush her teeth without proper motivation.

Aren’t you glad you know this about me? *grin*

I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. I find it hard to accomplish anything without a list of some kind. Whether it’s homeschooling the kids or simply cleaning the house, a checklist keeps me focused and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I make endless lists on my phone, on random notepads around the house, on my whiteboard, and in online planners.

Facing a long list of items to be completed can be a little daunting, but it also helps keep my lazy bum off of the interwebs when I know I have more important things to do. Email, Facebook, & Pinterest suck a lot of my life away, and if I don’t have a list of goals in front of me, they win the distraction war raging in my head.

My top favorite list makers, in no particular order are:

SCMThe Simply Charlotte Mason Scheduler. I add all of my resources, schedule the day(s) I want to use them, and it gives me a daily list of the things we need to accomplish for our homeschooling.

Notify Me

Notify Me App. This is another app I use all.the.time. Have a list of things that you need to be reminded of, like making a phone call or changing the filters in the house? This app will take your to-do list and chime to remind you when it’s time to accomplish your task. You can set a variety of reminders, repeats, and snooze options. It should be mentioned that I downloaded this app three years ago before the iPhone came standard with a similar app. I still think this one has better features.

Home Routines

The Home Routines App. This app on my iPhone allows me to make a general to do list, morning/evening/weekly tasks, daily cleaning tasks, AND sets up home cleaning zones similar to the FlyLady system for 15 minute daily zone work. It’s worth every penny!

My whiteboard. Even though I have the fancy app above, I still tend to write out my daily cleaning tasks on my white board. That way I only open the app once, write down my cleaning for the day, and check it off as I zoom by with my vacuum or duster. I also use my whiteboard for lots of other general list making.

Purse notebook. Every girl needs a small notebook in her purse for notes and lists made on-the-go.

So there you have it. Lists are the reason I get things done in my life. I, dear readers, am a checklist-a-holic. I suppose there are worse problems to have.


One thought on “Checklist Diva

  1. dancechinadoll says:

    I myself, am a list-maker as well. If it weren’t for lists, I wouldn’t get anything done. Making lists and checking things off of them makes me feel so accomplished! I just made a list today of all the things I need to get done and started checking them off as I started doing them. Thanks for sharing your apps, I will be sure to check them out!

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