Making Adjustments

Measuring TapeSo, as thrilled as I am with my current weightloss (39 lbs as of last week), the last 2+ months have only yielded a 3-4 lb loss in total.  I definitely feel stalled out, and while there may be many reasons for this, I need to get the scale moving again.

Yes, I know I am building muscle, but I still have at least 30 more pounds of fat to lose.  A plateau will happen at times, but this is my second one since August, and this one is going into week 10.  Unacceptable!

I suspect a lot of this is lazy habits.  I have been successful at low carb for months now, but in a way, I have allowed quite a bit of “carb creep” to happen – fruits that are too high in natural sugar (oranges & bananas are just SO good!), an occasional breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts, and those damn cookies from the holidays.  I got back on track in the New Year, but I need to get the lazy eating habits totally back under control.

The good news in this is I know I can maintain a weight loss without gaining.  There is always a positive spin on the things that happen in life if you look for them.  I really believe that!  Anyway, I will be making a few adjustments to my current efforts.

Step 1 is to track all of my food again.  This will help me see the carb creep and keep me accountable online.  I haven’t been tracking my food on Lose like I was in the beginning and I think it shows.  Starting today, I am going to make an effort to faithfully track every morsel.  I need to see what the carb counts are for all the foods I am eating and stick to the ones that keep me losing and not stalling.

Step 2 – measuring.  I need to measure again & make sure I am actually eating the amounts I think I am eating.  I am pretty good at eyeballing, but again…lazy habits have been creeping back in.  This is especially true of my fat intake.  I know that fat is important for a healthy, low carb diet, but this is one of the areas I have gotten a little lax in.  Yes, I can have sour cream and bacon, but I am probably eating too much. On the other hand, I could stand to eat more coconut oil.

Step 3 is exercise. Yes, I have been running faithfully and I met my first running goal of completing a 5k.  However, I need to balance it out with strength training and flexibility.  My left hip has been hurting and I have decided to rest from running for a week (at least), work on some physical therapy stretches for my hip, and add different exercise in to mix things up.  I decided on Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and some yoga.  Once my hip feels better, I will be back on the asphalt for sure, but I need to build more muscle anyway.  I want a higher resting metabolism and I want to look good naked, not just in clothes!  I want beautiful muscle definition and strength as much as aerobic endurance.

This is my three-step plan to break this stupid plateau.  I am putting it into action today and I am hopeful I will see the rewards on the scale and in my clothes very soon!  I am definitely not going to let this discourage me or use it as an excuse to give up.  In the past, once I quit losing weight, I used it as an excuse to go back to bad habits.  NEVER AGAIN!


5 thoughts on “Making Adjustments

  1. Wonder in the Woods says:

    You can do it!! I will be coming back to this post when things even out for me too. Cutting out grains and processed sugar has helped…but the honey is creeping in. *sigh* I’ll know what to cut if I stop losing weight though. YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Sasha says:

    It sounds like a sensible plan. For me (and everyone is different), I absolutely can not do any fruit and lose weight. I add it back a bit when I am in maintaining mode. Luckily I’m not much of a fruit lover. Thanks for adding our blog btw!

  3. Teri says:

    Good luck you you! I also have been in this same fight to lose weight. I have lost 30 in the past year – with Nutri-System – so yes I have been doing it slowly – and in fact have not really lost anymore for the last six months. I have maintained and kept with the workouts. Walking, little bit of running, some weights, some biking and some swimming. But too much food is my problem. Today I started fresh once again with eating what I know works! Don’t get discouraged about your plateaus. My sister lost 60 pounds this past year and fought through plateaus. She read to mix up the exercise and to do some spurts of high energy in your routine. We try to vary the incline and the speed on our treadmills. Sounds like you are seasoned runner and kudos on your 5K! Keep up the good work!

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