Time to Dig In

ImageI am struggling this week to hold on to my motivation.  We are doing fine with our “back to school” daily work, but I am suffering from a severe case of the blahs.  Tuesday was not as spectacular as Monday and yesterday was just “ok.”  I have three classes I need to be preparing for right.now, but I am stalling.  I hate when I get the slumps.

I have been homeschooling for six years now, and I have been teaching other people’s kids for nearly as long, in some way or another.  This year I feel like I jumped into the deep end a little bit.  Maybe I am overwhelmed, but I think I just took a break for too long.  Co-ops ended for the fall term the week before Thanksgiving.  My fall art class ended around the same time, and nature studies have been slow.  I have been sitting at home too much doing nothing and it shows.  Laziness is a habit.

I need to pull up my big girl panties and get ready for two Shakespeare classes tomorrow, and a poetry class I don’t remember signing up to teach, on Saturday.  I love teaching, I just need to find my mojo today.  I need to make the better choice – to be productive instead of a lazy loaf.

Choices form my habits and habits shape who I am, right?  I am always surprised to keep discovering all the ways in which bad choices, or lazy choices, have formed my bad habits and made me less than the person I want to be.  This cycle repeats itself in every aspect of my life.  If I want to be the best me I can be, I have to choose that every day.

  • I have to choose to grow in my faith if I want to be a better disciple, which means choosing to read my Bible, pray, attend church, and most importantly…to not be a hyporcrite and practice the love I am commanded to practice.
  • I have to choose to be a better wife (regardless of circumstances or my husband’s choices) if I want to be the best wife I can be.
  • I have to choose to be a better mother with each and every situation that arises, rather than lose my cool, if I want to be a great mom.  I am capable of being an adult, not losing my temper, and showing my kids love and maturity.
  • I have to choose better food if I want to lose weight/avoid gaining weight…at every meal.  Every meal.  DOH!
  • I have to choose to move my body, rather than watch more TV or sit at this computer, if I want to reach my fitness goals.  I still struggle with getting out the door each day.
  • I have to choose to plan ahead and be prepared if I want to STOP being a last minute kind of girl and meet the goals I have for my kids’ education, and for the classes I teach to others.

I have to CHOOSE better, if I want better.  I guess one could argue I don’t want them if I don’t choose them.  It’s always within my power even when I feel powerless to do anything.  Being powerless is a lie.  I choose not believe the lie anymore!

That being said, I need to start the coffee pot, crank some rocking tunes, and choose to get down to business.  I didn’t shake off the blahs yet, but I don’t have to let them hold me down, either.  This song is one of my favorites and helps me to shake off the lazies.  Music is a powerful motivator for me.  Maybe the song will work for you, too.  ❤

Ain’t no stopping sunshine
Ain’t no stopping me
Ain’t no stopping all the love that sets the people free
Ain’t no stopping this love from changing peoples minds
Ain’t no stopping sunshine, gonna leave the dark behind


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