New Blog, New Year!

Hello readers!

You used to receive these posts under “Golden Acorn Homeschool.”  As you can see, I have made the change to my blog that I have been wanting to make.  It feels wonderful!  Now I can use this forum to talk about all the aspects of my life, because no part of my life happens in a void.  Homeschooling affects everything I do, and the other things I do affect homeschooling.

I changed my name to “Gleams of Sunshine” which is a snippet from the book Jane Eyre.  I feel my life is filled with gleams of sunshine, especially lately.  I want to share those gleams with you.  Some might be successes, some might be failures…but I have learned so much in my failures.  I hope you will still want to take the journey with me.

New blog tomorrow about my weight loss journey so far..


With much love,



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