Baby Cole

Just a few days old…

My oldest child, my only son, my first baby is now a teenager. I seem to be having a hard time dealing with this particular transition. I feel old, suddenly, and my time with him seems especially short now. How much influence will I continue to have in his life? How much influence will his father have? Will he really be heading to college in just 5.5 years?

In spite of my worries and new wrinkles, I am proud of the young man he is becoming and I plan to cherish every moment I have with him now and in the future.


With his new laptop.

13! Can you believe it? My little millennium baby is on his way to becoming a man.

We ended up having a sleepover party for him that run all night on NYE and into the wee, wee hours of his actual birthday on New Year’s Day. Seriously, those boys were up playing video games until at least 4:30 AM! But they had a good time, which is all that matters.


He still loves Legos (Thanks, Grandma Gwen!).

After we recovered from the night before, we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then came home for chocolate cake. Yum!

Time just keeps flying away…


That’s a lot of candles, buddy!


One thought on “Teenager?!?

  1. Kimmi says:

    Love your blog girl! I love snippets of your life, I miss you so much I’ll take what I can get until I can afford to come visit as much as possible my forever friend!!

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