2012-2013 Homeschool Schedule

I have often posted our daily schedule over the years.  It changes frequently with the needs of my kids, new directions I take in teaching, materials being used, etc.  I made a schedule similar to this one last year, and it worked out so well that I only needed to do a little tweaking to make it work this year.  We have pared down to a four-day school week this year because we have co-ops starting in late September and running for the remainder of the school year.  During weeks without co-op, I think we will fill our Fridays with field trips, fun activities, and general catch-up for when life happens.

Anyway, here is our new schedule.  I never put times on it because it gets too crazy and I am not that OCD (yet).  Some days math takes longer, or history, or someone dawdles.  Sometimes we have lunch at 12:00 and sometimes at 1:30.

The kids each have a simplified version of this (with only the things they need to accomplish) in a sheet protector in their binders.  They never have to ask me what is next, and if it’s an independent assignment, they can just get started.

Cole’s is below:

For the full list of resources we use, please see my 2012-2013 Resources page.  🙂


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