States of Matter

We worked on our second BFSU lesson today on the states of matter.  This is material we have covered before in various ways, but I admit to being spotty with our science, so I am grateful to have a great resource for being more thorough this year.

I went through the information in the lesson and had the kids gather or name various solids, liquids, or gasses.  We talked about things that can be more than one state of matter, like water, butter, and other oils.   We also talked about things that can change the state of matter – usually heat (or lack of), but also pressure (think perfume and anything in an aerosol can).

Cole also watched this video to make it a little more advanced for him, but the girls ended up watching, too.  🙂

We journaled our understanding of the concepts in our new science journals…

Cole’s pages (3):

The weird little shapes at the top are Cole’s representation of tightly packed, vibrating molecules.  His handwriting is still awful, and he needs to become friends with the comma, but overall I am really happy these.

Sydni’s pages (2):

Mater.  Hmmmm.  🙂

Zoey’s page:

She opted to show all three states of matter via NYC Taxi.  The taxi is solid, it emits fumes in the form of gas, and it’s raining in NYC, apparently.

Finally we played with corn starch, water, and some food coloring.  Adding pressure appears to change the mixture from an apparent liquid, to a solid.


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