Journals, journals, journals!

I have grand ambitions that my children will do a lot of journaling this year.  I literally have it planned into our weekly schedule on several days.  It’s part of my efforts to make some of our topics become more “living” and a way to help cement the information we cover into their brains.  They seem enthusiastic about the idea right now, but we’ll see how that goes as we progress.  I plan to have them work on five different journals this year, which include:

1. Nature Journals.  We already kept nature journals for our nature studies, but while we have been GREAT about sketching things at nature study classes, we have not been great about adding information next to the sketches.  That is one of the ways I hope to improve this year.

2. Writing Journals.  I bought a pack of story starters (at Dollar Tree!) to help them come up with creative writing topics.  So far this week Cole has written about a yo-yo that can make him time travel, Sydni wrote about what she would do with three wishes, and Zoey wrote about ice cream that never melts.

3. Math Journals.  I downloaded some free math journal pages here, but I also plan to have the kids add math concepts and definitions through drawing and coloring.  Art and music are complementary subjects in my opinion!  There is also this fabulous blog with weekly math journal ideas.  Oh yes, I will be borrowing from that site often!

4. Science Journals. I am using a much more comprehensive science curriculum this year (BFSU, along with biographies and other living books) and I am excited about the journaling possibilities.  Journaling is a wonderful narration option, and what better way to “retell” a science lesson?  There are loads of ideas for science journals on Pinterest (you are on Pinterest, right?), and this site is a good place to begin as well: Science Notebooking.

5. Art Journals.  I have collected up various arts & crafts material and gathered them in one bin on my bookshelf.  I am gleaning ideas from Kathy Barbro of Art Projects for Kids (you all know I love that site!) and giving the kids a lot of free-reign and creativity on this.  The possibilities are endless.  Pretty papers, tissue paper, scraps of yarn, buttons, stickers, crayons, pencils, markers…I could go on for days.  Their art journals will be entirely their own, but if they feel stuck, I have a few ideas up my sleeve.  Check out her art journal ideas…you will not be sorry!

Do you incorporate journaling/notebooking in your home ed?  What kinds of journals do you create?  If you don’t, have you considered trying a few ideas?


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