Arthropod Lesson Plan


Learning activities are meant to introduce the concepts to your children and explain how things happen.  You can narrate after the activities (as our family does), or choose to use quizzes or assign writing projects.  Be flexible within your children’s abilities and age levels.

This is a very informative page on arthropods.  It breaks them down in to types and explains arthropods that are beneficial to humans and those to avoid!  Globio’s Arthropods

Berkeley has a wonderful page on arthropods!  It takes you through many different aspects and it’s very interactive.  Be sure to page through all of the activities.  The Arthropod Story (Interactive)

Suggested Reading:

What is an Arthropod?  (Science of Living Things)

Dirty Rotten Bugs: Arthropods Unite to Tell Their Side of the Story Arthropods (a multitude of fascinating articles of arthropods found on planet earth)

Reinforcement Activities:

These activities are meant to be fun and reinforce some of the concepts from the learning section.  Sometimes they introduce new concepts.  Have fun!

Arthropod Information and Coloring Sheet

Which is an Arthropod? Game


For vocab, you have can children learn the definitions and spellings by heart, or shoot for familiarity.  The choice is yours!

  1. arachnid
  2. thorax
  3. cephalothorax
  4. crustacean
  5. exoskeleton
  6. tagmata
  7. segmentation
  8. insect (definition)
  9. bilateral symmetry
  10. myriapod

Add or substitute other vocab as your studies dictate.


Kids are going to naturally choose arthropods that interest them and this will lead to many interesting activities and side studies. This lesson plan is just to create a broad overview.  Choose a hands-on-project that suits your child’s interests and abilities.

1. Consider starting an insect collection.  This is an enjoyable hobby for children of all ages.  Adults too!

2. Create an original arthropod species with Legos, K’Nex, or other building materials.  Be sure to describe the characteristic of your new arthropod, it’s natural habitat, food, and to which class it would belong (insecta, crustacea, arachnida, diploda, or chilopoda).


4 thoughts on “Arthropod Lesson Plan

  1. oklahomanicole says:

    Thank you for this lesson plan! I am always looking for fun science units. And you speak my language by incorporating books, vocab, activities. I am clipping this for future use!

  2. Katie says:

    This is great! Thanks so much for sharing! I just showed it to my 12 yo and he is very excited to work on this next week. He has a ton of legos he’s going to sort through and I’m going to plug those vocab words into a word list on VocabularySpellingCity so he can use those as his spelling and vocabulary words next week.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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