Screen Free Week – The Results

I have to admit, we started the week off badly.  I heard the first “I’m bored” before breakfast on Monday morning.  I think it was just a knee-jerk reaction, but still…seriously?  *sigh*

That wasn’t all.  The kids (for some unknown reason) simply forgot how mornings go around here.  They are supposed to eat breakfast, get dressed, and complete chores right away.  Well, I sat down with my Bible and coffee, which is what I usually do in while they eat (etc) and TWO HOURS went by and they had still not completed the basics.  So, I had to go upstairs with the consequence jar.  Cole had to clean all the dog poop, Sydni ended up pulling weeds for 20 minutes, and Zoey scrubbed my kitchen floor on hands and knees.  It was barely 10:30 in the morning and I already had a sense of impending doom for the week ahead.

But then, things got better.

The kids pulled out the Legos and they played with them in most of their spare time all week.  They read books and they played outside.  One night, they played hide-and-seek with glow sticks from the dollar store.  We went on an amazing nature walk on Wednesday at the Wetlands Park & Nature Preserve in Henderson.  I have been meaning to check it out for a while and it was beautiful!

We hung out with friends, went swimming, and had a lovely grilled dinner.  Cole finished The Hunger Games.  We drove out to an empty field and basked in the light of the “super” moon.

We played, and played, and played.

We also joined the YMCA and I have been watching my kids exercise and swim all week.  They didn’t even ask for TV or the computer after Wednesday.

They did have a couple of cheats, however.  At my Bible study/small group on Thursday night, they had access to screens for a couple of hours to keep them busy while the moms studied.  Cole also attended a birthday sleepover with lots of video games on Friday night.  That’s just life.

I cheated a little, too.  My Instagram photos from our nature walk were posted to Facebook, and I continued to use 4Square to check in everywhere.  I also broke down during the last hour of Cole’s football practice and scrolled through Facebook a little bit.

However, I also read two novels this week – The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  AND I attended a book club meeting, a MaryJane’s Farm Girl meeting, tried several new recipes, worked out at the gym, and drove my kids to umpteen practices and two games.  I still had time to work on a puzzle and hang with a girlfriend on Friday night.

I think we all discovered that we have been missing too much life while being seriously addicted to entertainment via screens and tech.  Even when I did scroll though Facebook, I realized I didn’t really want to be on it after all.  I shut it down after a few minutes.

I learned that I am addicted to over-sharing my life and that I crave the attentions of the Facebook world.  I feel pretty ashamed of that, actually.  Instead of living my life purposefully – and intentionally – I am constantly seeking attention by way of comments and likes on Facebook.  I had to fight the urge to post the most insignificant, ridiculous, boring, unimportant details of my life.  Why?  Because I had been living in front of my screen instead of actually living.


Once I was actually fully engaged in my life again, the desire decreased.  I was able to ask myself why I wanted to post and reflect on whether it was worth it or not.  It wasn’t.  I also realized that when I am old, I will not be wishing I had spent more time posting crap on Facebook.

I will wish I had spent more time playing with my kids.

I will wish I had spent more time going on dates and loving my husband.

I will wish I had spent more time working on obtaining a strong and healthy body.

I will wish I had spent more time reading good books, crocheting more projects, taking more walks, and hanging with friends & loved ones.

But never, ever, will I wish I had spent more time online.

So, this was a good week…it was cleansing and eye-opening for me.  I am glad we took part and the kids and I have already discussed making one day “Screen Free” every week.  We are thinking Wednesdays.

Because life is too short and too precious to spend it in front of a screen!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Screen Free Week – The Results

  1. Diana Durant says:

    This is wonderful, we also “planned to do no screen week” we last a whole 18 hrs, my kids call my husband and he gave in. lol However I did not plan for it. So Now after reading this, next week we will do this. I pray I feel even half as wonderful as you do. Blessings!

  2. The Holistic Homeschooler says:

    This is great! I’ve simply decided I really hate the power that Facebook has over me. I don’t want to be a slave to the computer. We should have only one master and it is NOT Facebook. I have considered leaving altogether. But then there’s my fan page…so I’ll stay. But I won’t be on my personal wall much. I don’t even want it anymore.

  3. Audrey says:

    I have been wanting to cut down on my time online, too. In reading this post, I realized it could just as easily be me talking. I, too, crave the attention from the likes and comments on Facebook. It’s very addicting for me. Maybe the one day a week “screen free” would be a good start…or maybe I will have the will power to cut back at least.

    • The Holistic Homeschooler says:

      That could be a great start! I’m going to make it a rule around here that we can’t be on screens until after 3pm. And then.. only if the time was earned (for the kids this means chores, math, reading) and for me it will actually mean completing my day. But then that’s usually 9pm and I’m sleepy. So I may just never be on LOL

  4. whyamysmiles says:

    Great thoughts! We just moved and for a time we didn’t have internet set up in our new house…Even once we did, we were busy with unpacking, etc. and I just wasn’t taking the time to blog, browse Facebook, or get sucked into Pinterest…and although I enjoy all those things, I was surprised at how much I didn’t miss that time on the computer. Thanks for a good reminder to live life instead of just talking/reading about it! 🙂

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