Keepers at Home Club

Some of the local moms in our homeschool group decided to start a “Keepers at Home” club for our girls.  You *know* I had to join, right?  I have been looking at the books and throwing around the idea of starting one of these clubs for at least two years.  So, we ordered our book, sashes, and pins and the three of us have been so excited to get started!!

We had our first meeting on April 14th.  The girls decorated bookmarks, made a “Keepers” bracelet, and we had a pinning ceremony.  It was fun!  The moms planned out the classes for most of the rest of the year.  The girls will be able to earn quite a few badges.  We had a class on drop cookies this past weekend and I am sure cookie badges will be earned in no time.  🙂

Sydni and her “mini me,” Reanna.  🙂

We love Keepers at Home club!  I can’t wait to share more updates as time goes on about what we are learning and doing.  I am SUPER excited about an embroidery class in July!


3 thoughts on “Keepers at Home Club

  1. oklahomanicole says:

    THANK YOU for this recommendation! In the summers, a small group of moms and same-aged daughters get together every other week for playtime, crafts, and snacks. The moms usually do a Book study of some kind. When I saw this, I about leaped out of my chair! What a fun “club” for us to use this summer for our group, and it’s something we can each continue with our own girls once school starts. Also intrigued by Contenders of Faith for boys. Can’t wait to start this!

    • Becky says:

      You are welcome!! We are really enjoying it, and it’s very inexpensive to start up unlike a few other organizations. I hope it works well for you!

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