Chinese New Year Fun-U-Cation – Bellagio

Chinese New Year happened about a month ago, and in spite of my tardiness with this post, we had a great time celebrating!  My friend Heather does an outstanding job with this every year and it’s one of my kids’ most anticipated events.  We had three different activities this year: Week One was a pot puck celebration of the actual first day of the New Year, complete with facts about the holiday and fun activities.  I failed epically to capture any photos of that day. Week Two was a field trip to the Bellagio Conservatory to see the Chinese New Year decorations.  Week Three was a celebration of the Lantern Festival, marking the end of the 14 day Lunar New Year (from new moon to full moon).  Thanks, Heather, for an amazing learning opportunity!!

The pictures below are all from the Bellagio Conservatory field trip.  This year is the year of the Dragon, so they were the main feature.  I took pictures of each of the kids with the dragon of their zodiac element.  Did you know that every year has an animal and an element?  Cole is an Earth Rabbit (he missed being a Dragon by only a few weeks!), Sydni is a Water Sheep (or Ram), and Zoey is Wood Monkey (indeed!).  I am an Earth Horse and my husband is a Wood Tiger.  I have a sister who is also a Horse, but she is a Fire Horse.  Interesting, right?  This year’s element is water, so Sydni was lucky with a pose in front of the main decoration…two huge Water Dragons!  The other two elements are Fire and Metal.  I am sure you can guess which Dragon goes with which.  We initially thought the Brown Dragon was for wood and the Green Dragon was for earth, but we were wrong!  LOL.  🙂


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