Nature Study – Gray Fox

Last week we met for your first nature study of the new school year!  I know that most people spend the summer months doing nature walks and studies, but I live in the desert.  This means we spend the months of October through May studying nature and we hibernate indoors during the summer months.  LOL!

We met at Springs Preserve (the coolest place in Las Vegas) for a study of the gray fox.  He’s a very interesting little fellow, I tell you.  Did you know he is the only member of the dog family who can climb trees?  What  cutie!

The kids did an amazing job on their sketches, as always.  We got rained on during the last few minutes, but I was able to share the most pertinent facts with them before we had to seek shelter indoors.

Everyone had a chance to take a peek at the gray fox, who was huddled in his den, avoiding the elements.  Cole especially loved him and thinks he looks like our dog, Ben.  He was also happy to have a chance to hang with his best friend, J.  🙂

The awesome thing about Springs Preserve is that they have amazing indoor exhibits.  They change out one room and the newest exhibit was called “The Scoop on Poop” and had many fascinating displays and videos on everything poop!  It was a bonus nature study.  Hee, hee.  The photo ops were pretty funny.

Many thanks to my bestie, Amanda, for the pictures!  I am always too busy to take any.  The date is wrong for anyone wondering….it was 10/5/11!


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