Animal Cell Lesson Plan


Learning activities are meant to introduce the concepts to your children and explain how things happen.  You can narrate after the activities (as our family does), or choose to use quizzes or assign writing assignments.  Be flexible within your children’s abilities and age levels.

This is a wonderful video explaining animals cells, their parts, and what they do!  Cells to Systems

There are several types of cells to view here:  Microscope Cells

Reinforcement Activities:

These activities are meant to be fun and reinforce some of the concepts from the learning section.  Sometimes they introduce new concepts.  Have fun!

Animal Cell Coloring Sheet

Centre of the Cell

This is a really fun interactive website loaded with amazing games.  My favorites are “Explore a Cell” and especially “Cell Turnover.”  You will be amazed!  All of the games are incredible, so don’t miss out.


For vocab, you have can children learn the definitions and spellings by heart, or shoot for familiarity.  The choice is yours!

  1. nucleus
  2. cytoplasm
  3. mitochondria
  4. lysosomes
  5. endoplasmic reticulum
  6. chromosomes
  7. Golgi apparatus
  8. ribosomes
  9. centrioles
  10. cell membrane


How to Build An Animal Cell with Styrofoam and Clay


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