Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 3

I’m still going!!!  It helps me to get my butt off the couch knowing that I have to report here on this blog and that I have people on facebook looking for my updates from the loseit.com app.

Week 1 Weight: 215.6

Week 2 Weight: 214.2

Week 3 Weight: 212.2

Loss of 3.4 lbs

I am encouraged that this is coming off nice and slow an at the pace I set on loseit.com.  I have had a couple of bad food days, but I have made up for them with workouts.  And they have not been as bad as they might have been.  I also feel guilty about them, and it has pushed me to try harder and to workout instead, or grab an extra glass of water and see if I am still hungry.  Peanut butter is my new best food friend.  🙂


Neck – 15.5″

Bust – 38″

Waist – 40.5″

Hips – 47.25″

Thighs – 27.25″

Bicep – 15″

These numbers make me feel very low, but I am encouraged to make them smaller.  😛

Workout Log:

Wednesday 9/28/11 – Walk Away the Pounds, 3 Mile Weight Loss (45 min.)

Thursday 9/29/11 – N/A

Friday 9/30/11 – N/A

Saturday 10/1/11 – N/A

Sunday 10/2/11 – Walk Away the Pounds, Walk Away Your Waistline (with resistance bands, 45 minutes) AND Jillian’s 30 day Shred (22 minutes)

Monday 10/3/11 – Turbo Jam 20 minute workout

Tuesday 10/4/11 – Walk Away the Pounds, Weightless Walk (45 minutes)


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