Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 2

I have decided that this is exactly the right place to keep a log of my progress.  It’s definitely under the umbrella of homeschooling as far as I am concerned.  Parents are teaching their children all of the time (and we are) with our action as well as our words (also more true than I like to think about).  My kids look to me for a healthy body image and to lead the way with exercise and fitness.  I can’t just pass it off the local school’s P.E. program or extracurricular activities.

I can tell my level of motivation is having a positive effect on the kids.  They are joining me in many of my workouts and they are thinking about food choices a LOT more.  They are rejecting empty, crappy calories and choosing better foods.  YAY!

So here are the dirty details for this week.

Week 1 Weight: 215.6 (officially)

Week 2 Weight: 214.2

Loss of 1.4 lbs

My height is still 5’7″ and my BMI is still 33.  It will take a while for my BMI to change.  I am taking measurements later today, and I will add those details later.  I am curious to see how my body changes in ways other than the number on the scale.

Workout Log:

Wednesday 9/21/11 – Walk Away the Pounds, 3 Mile Weight Loss (45 min.)

Thursday 9/22/11 – Walk Away the Pounds, 3 Mile Walk Away the Waistline (with resistance bands, 45 minutes)

Friday 9/23/11 – Walk Away the Pounds, 3 Mile Weight Loss (45 min.)

Saturday 9/24/11 – N/A

Sunday 9/25/11 – Walk Away the Pounds, 3 Mile Weight Loss (45 min.)

Monday 9/26/11 – Turbo Jam 20 minutes workout

Tuesday 9/27/11 – Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, Workout 1 (22 min.)

I am still working on eating my breakfast right away, not skipping any meals, keeping track of my overall calories, and drinking more water.  I have only had ONE soda th


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