Fall 2011 Artist, Composer, & Poet

We’ve been busy…can you tell?  I haven’t written a blog in TWO WEEKS.  Good grief.  We took a school break all of last week and it was lovely, but now we are back to business and hopefully that means I will be blogging more frequently.  *fingers crossed*

I just wanted to share with those interested what artist, composer, and poet we will be studying for the next 12 weeks.  These posts are sort of updates for my family and those who like to keep up with what we are accomplishing academically.  🙂

Our new artist is John Willian Waterhouse.  I chose him specifically for some of the scenes he painted from ancient Greek and Roman mythology.  Obviously, those are the periods of time we will be studying in history through the Christmas holiday, so it’s perfect!  The six selections we will be focusing on are:

A Sick Child brought into the Temple of Aesculapius

The Lady of Shalott

The Favorites of the Emperor Honorius

La Belle Dame sans Merci

Jason and Medea

Penelope and the Suitors

Our composer is Niccolò Paganini.  We will be focusing on his 24 Caprices.  Caprice No. 24 in A minor, Op.1 is one of his most famous works and has served as inspiration for many composers who came after him.  We will be reading this book as well as listening to his music:

Finally, our new poet will be Edgar Allan Poe.  We will most likely read one of his poems for approximately four days before moving on to a new one.  Normally we would read a new poem each day, but his are rather long.  I am excited about this, but I am not sure how the kids will feel.  I guess we will see!  We will also read this photobiography:

I am so excited for fresh material!  I will be sure to share any interesting tidbits we dig up!


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