Question for my readers…

Please, please, please leave me feedback!

I am thinking of writing a post (maybe more than one!) on how to ditch the ready-made school plans/book lists and learn to put together your own Charlotte Mason style plan.

So my question is:

Would you be interested in a post (or series of posts) on this subject?

I have spent a lot of time recently with CM mamas, and prospective CM mamas,  helping them sort out their plans for the year. The one thing that is really obvious to me is that these moms are overwhelmed with choices.

I think it’s very freeing and valuable to learn how to use a book list or curriculum as a tool without letting that tool use you.  I think with a little bit of help, and the right mindset & tips, that creating a well-rounded plan is easy.  I would like to make it easy for you, too.

So let me know what you think!


14 thoughts on “Question for my readers…

  1. Crystal says:

    While I personally do not use the CM style I think that there are many many many people who would find a series of blogs like this VERY valuable. I think you should go for it. Not only will you have some readers that will find this very useful but you also have some people out there in the world who maybe looking for exactly that type a thing and can not find it anywhere.

  2. Maryanne Nehls says:

    you know I am all for it Becky, I think it would be a great and very helpful series for alot of moms and dads!

  3. Wonder in the Woods says:

    This is a fabulous idea and I would read along! I’ve been trying to work on a similar message but my blogging time has lagged. I’m still reading and maybe I will be inspired to write too.

    Looking forward to it. ~ Cori

  4. Beth C. says:

    I am interested in anything you have to say regarding choosing and planning curriculum. I am hoping this year will be Alexander’s last one in public school, although it may be another additional year and certainly nothing is set in stone. But, I am starting to do my research on curriculum. I am especially unsure what to use/do/plan for Social Studies.

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