Not Back to School Blog Hop – Student Photos!

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I have been really bad about taking pictures of the kids each year in place of school portraits.  That is something I need to work on this year. So as soon a things settle down for us, I will be making an appointment to get real portraits done of each of the kids, as well as a family portrait.  We have never taken a family portrait!  I know, I know.

Anyway, here are snazzy new snapshots of each of my monkeys this year! I hope you enjoy them.  🙂

This is Cole.  He’s 11 (and a half!) and entering the sixth grade this year.  Middle school!  *sniffles*  He loves all things electronic and gadgety, which he gets from his dad.  However, he also loves to read, which me gets from me.  He’s quiet and reflective most of the time.

This is Sydni, who is eight-going-on-eighteen.  She’s entering the third grade.  Although we have some personality conflicts, she is always helpful and kind, with a sensitive, compassionate heart.  She is a little diva and social butterfly, though she acts shy at first.

This is Zoey, who is 6 (and three quarters!).  She is entering the first grade.  She is a little ray of sunshine and off-beat humor.  She likes to be taken seriously.  She makes friends with everyone, in an instant.  I never take her anywhere without her telling me she has a new friend. Always “busy,”  she is sometimes a challenge to teach, but that just keeps me on my toes!

And all three kiddos with our sweet dog, Ben.  They insisted!  😀


5 thoughts on “Not Back to School Blog Hop – Student Photos!

  1. Alexia says:

    I’m making myself take ‘first day of school’ pics this year. 🙂 with signs and everything.

    they are gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Julia S. says:

    You have lovely children. I religiously take first day pictures. Once in a while professional pictures are great and needed. Let me give you a tip. take a full head to toe shot to capture what they look like at this time of their life. Then zoom in so you can remember the features of their faces at this age.
    I am not a professional photographer but i am an avid hobbyist who is always looking for ways to improve and have better shots.

    Check out my facebook page family album deigns


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