Water Cycle and Terrariums

We learned about the hydrological cycle this week, courtesy of Bill Nye the Science guy.  I just love Bill!  The kids are always riveted to his amazingvideos.  We also colored and filled out the water cycle diagram that can be found at enchanted learning’s website.  Always good stuff there, too.

But the most fun part of our week was building a terrarium to observe the water cycle in action.  Bonus: we’ll soon have some plants to enjoy!

Ripping labels off of his 2 liter and also using it as a musical instrument!

Cutie patootie!

She has become weary of mommy taking “pictures.”  She worries that everything will go on facebook.  She’s right, of course.  😉

Dirt, water, seeds, plastic wrap…GO!

Zoey chose sweet basil because she knows I love it!

There’s my little model!

Just add sunlight!

The kids are excited to see how well the seeds will grow.  I know the lesson about the water cycle made an impression, because I heard Zoey (6) using the words “evaporation” and “condensation” at dinner as she boiled spaghetti noodles.  I am hoping these terrariums will be a spring board for further discussions about biomes and other biology related science, which is always a good thing.


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