Starting a New “Year”

Today we begin a new “year” of “school.” After a while, it seems like we never really stop doing what we do. This homeschooling thing has become a way of life. We don’t consciously schedule very much of our time. We sort of focus on learning in spurts and then take breaks in spurts when we need them. We just wrapped up a Harry Potter/summer detour (which was loads of fun!) but once we saw the final movie, we all sat around last week and I heard more than one bored sigh and a request to “get back to our regular days again.” That means reading good books, narrating, trying out some new art projects, some science/projects & nature studies, and learning about new and interesting artists and composers. We all find it fun and stimulating. It sure beats the summer heat and spending too much time with the TV and video games. We live in Vegas – it’s hot and we don’t have a pool!

So as we begin again this morning, I would appreciate some warm thoughts, well-wishes, or prayers for another successful year. The kids are getting older, and what they want to learn is getting more fascinating and complex as they mature. We have weeks and weeks and weeks of ancient Greece before us and we are so excited. (Yes, me too!) We had just begun to dig in to Greece before the Harry Potter craze, and we’re all itching to get back into it again.

On a side note, in one of my rare nervous moments, pray for us to make some progress in math. I made some decisions in the spring and bought a new program. We tried it in late April/May and I was encouraged, but I am hoping for good things in that department this year. It’s sort of the one paranoia that doesn’t let go. Math…*shudders*

So, peace out for now, party peeps. There are loads of half-written blogs in draft right now, and as we get back into the swing of things, you know they’ll be getting published.



One thought on “Starting a New “Year”

  1. CM in the City says:

    I certainly wish you good progress in math this year. A year or so ago, I had that same uneasy feeling about math….and we have made good progress since that time. I think the trick was simply the result of my paying more attention to math and moving it up on our list of priorities, nothing more complicated than that. So, go for it (and banish the paranoid thoughts!).

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