Harry Potter Mania!

Yesterday marked 40 days until the new (and final) Harry Potter film debuts.  I had this crazy idea last week to spend the next 40 days doing absolutely nothing but Harry Potter.

Because….why not?

The Potter story is epic, and we are here to experience the climax of something truly amazing.  Why shouldn’t we enjoy it?  We homeschool!  If we can’t drop everything and fling ourselves madly into a moment such as this, what’s the point of all that freedom, right?

Here’s the plan:  We’ll listen to/read as many of the books as possible.  We’re not going to kill ourselves, but I kinda want us living and breathing Harry’s world for the next 40 days.  We’ll be skipping book #2, however, as it’s not really a favorite of anyone in the family.

We’ll also be doing lots of fun, themed projects.  Even math will have a Potter twist (if the Nimbus 2000 can fly at a maximum speed of 65 mph…).  This is some of what I have planned (other than just enjoying the books):

Essentially, we’ll be doing an intense Harry Potter unit study for the next month+.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures and keep everyone updated as we go along.  We’ll return to ancient Greece and our usual studies when we are done.



5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Mania!

  1. Beth C. says:

    I absolutely love this! I plan to do the same idea with Alexander and Jack this summer. Our themes will be Dinosaurs and Knights and Castles.

  2. Kay Pelham says:

    We won’t do anything special like this, but we are pretty excited about July 15th. Mom, Son and Dad.
    Curious why #2 is your least favorite book. #2 is my least favorite film (well, at least it was at one time), but it’s my son’s favorite. I think my favorite book is still the first one. You can’t beat the charm of the beginning of the tale and being introduced to Harry and his world. “The Boy Who Lived”
    If I can just get to a re-read of #7 before July 15th, I’ll be doing good.

  3. Diane says:

    What a great time your kids will have. My hubby and daughter watched Part 1 last night and really enjoyed it. I myself haven’t watched any of the movies but the first or read any of the books. Maybe in the Fall we can read the books together after we finish The Peter and the Starcatcheers series. Have fun over the next month and a half.

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