Our CM-Style Homeschool Schedule

My good friend Michelle, at The Holistic Homeschooler, was asking to see CM-style schedules today.  I have posted our schedule in the past, but like most things to do with homeschooling, our schedule is an ever evolving process.  I tweak it all the time as the needs of our life and our education goals change.

My kids are Cole (11, 5th grade), Sydni (8, 2nd grade) and Zoey (6, kinder).  We begin our day with “circle” time, in which we cover several subjects together as a family, in about 45 minutes.  Then we begin to break apart for the kids to work on their other subjects.  A pdf of the schedule is below:

Weekly Schedule – 2011

Language Lessons are the language lesson books sold at Queen Homeschool Supply.  Those are new to us and we love them!  A review is coming soon.  Zoey has more breaks, and her lessons are (overall) much shorter than her brother and sister’s.  Kinder should be a very gentle year in CM, but I am transitioning her to more traditional grade 1 level work right now.  Her math is already well above the Kinder level.

The “Art” listed on the bottom of the schedule for Monday is some kind of art project.  Either something from Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes, random sketching, or a project from my favorite art blog – Art Projects for Kids.

Handicrafts are a work in progress.  I do try to get to something at least once a week, but life happens.  Please bear in mind that this schedule is our “ideal” week, and it does not always come off perfectly.  Instrument practice is drums for Cole, and recorder for the girls.  Memorization & recitation is where we learn a poem, passage, etc and practice reciting it.  We hope to have an “open mic” style poetry night soon!  Phys Ed can be anything from playing tennis together, to Wii fit, to bike riding as a family.  We occasionally go hiking as well, but not in the heat of summer!  Swimming is about to be a big part of our PE over the next 4 months (Las Vegas is HOT!).

A good friend of mine recently switched her method over to CM, and we decided  to try to meet weekly on Friday afternoons for some CM-inspired co-op activities.  Last week we saw a live performance of Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors.” It was incredible!

Each of the kids has a simplified copy of his/her schedule in an individual school binder, listing only what he/she must accomplish for the day.  In addition, Cole has a checklist of specific assignments for the week, that he is responsible for checking off as they are completed.  This is part of my plan to transition him to entirely independent work over the next 2-3 years.  Of course I am ALWAYS available to him for any help he needs, but the burden of his assignments needs to rest with him by the time he reaches 9th grade.  I put this form into a sheet protector, fill it out with a Sharpie every Sunday night, and then place it behind his schedule in his binder.  I like things that are reusable, and a little nail polish remover cleans the sheet protector off for use the next week.  We found that dry erase markers were wiping off too easily.  A copy of his checklist is below:

Cole’s Weekly Checklist


4 thoughts on “Our CM-Style Homeschool Schedule

    • Becky says:

      Traci, I really, really love them! They make my day transition so easily and the kids enjoy them. I have not heard a single complaint in the last few weeks since we started them. There will be a full review tomorrow! 🙂

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