Biome Lesson Plan

We’ll be making the transition from learning about plants, to learning about animals with a lesson on biomes.  I thought it was a nice place to combine some of what we have learned, and introduce us to where we will be going in the next few months.  I hope you enjoy the resources I found and pulled together.

Basic Info:

Missouri Botanical Garden’s website is loaded with basic information on biomes.  After you select one of the biomes, be sure to click all the links in the menu on the left.  This is a great places to start for a general overview.

I love to include a YouTube video as often as possible.  It really helps my visual learner, and it breaks up the monotony of lots of reading.  This is a good one!

NASA’s “Mission Biome” site is a lot of fun.  The kids learn all they can about the different biomes and then complete two different missions. The first mission is to match temperature and precipitation charts with certain locations, and the second is to select the appropriate plants for each biome.  I enjoyed it!  😉

This is a biome map for students to color from biology corner.  It’s broken into areas, so it’s easy enough to figure out where the biomes start and end.

Vocab to Know:

  1. adaptation
  2. arid
  3. basin
  4. climate
  5. deciduous
  6. elevation
  7. evergreen
  8. fluctuate
  9. perennial
  10. precipitation

Hands on/Experiements:

For our hands-on project, we will be making “Biomes in a Baggie.”  Fun, fun, fun!  I saved lots of two liter bottles so we can make more than one by switching up the basic “ingredients.”

Finally, we will be in AZ in late June, and I plan to take a little detour to see the Biosphere 2.  I grew up in Arizona, but I have never been.  I know the whole family is going to LOVE it!


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