Fungi Lesson Plan


We’ll start with this really cool fungi video from the BBC series “Planet Wild.”  LOVE IT!

This is a good, but brief, overview of fungi.  I especially like the picture gallery with information at the bottom of the page.

This is a really fun and interactive web page.  It’s more than just the small fungi section in the beginning.  Be sure to check out the menu on the left for more information on mushrooms and spores.  🙂

The USDA offers up some mushroom fun facts.

You can enjoy a very nice collection of microscopic fungi, by visiting here.  I seriously could look at these all day.  Who knew fungi could be so beautiful?

I found another neat video of fungi as it grows, with a little info for good measure.  Again, from BBC.

Finally, the ZOMBIE fungus, cordyceps, that takes over the mind of ants and other insects.  Creepy….

We usually find some books of interest at the library, and videos when available.  Your library mileage may vary.

Vocab to Know:

1. fungi
2. spore
3. sporulation
4. decomposer
5. gills
6. symbiosis
7. mycology
8. micro-organism
9. humus

Hands on activities/experiments:

We’re definitely going to be making a spore print!  I am excited just thinking about it, and I will be sure to post pictures of how they come out.

We also plan to make penicillin with lemons, which should be fun.  Then, we’ll scrape some of the mold onto slides to observe with our microscope.  Thanks Sam!!  😀


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